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Electric Shoe Polisher Household

    Marco "An Ideal Present".

    Working 24 hours a day, he cleans &

    polishes shoes without  effort,

    no grumbling  & without hassle.

             245.00 delivered Uk

Model Marco in action
DIMENSIONS: 490mm X 320mm X 310mm Weight 10Kg

He is essential in the modern home, and can be used  by the whole family. He  allows easy access for cleaning and polishing most types of shoes without messy polish tins, dirty brushes or dirty hands. He applies a neutral creme polish by himself.  A small tray with a removable rubber mat is also incorporated for dirt collection.

Shoe Polish Container Polish Dispenser and Cover can be easily removed for replacement or refilling.

Lambswool Polishing Buffers fit like gloves for easy replacement/washing. Main brush can be changed simply when worn.

Shooshyne machines have been seen and used in hotels for many years, this machine is just a smaller version of those. Designed to be used within a small office or by a family it will clean and shine most types of shoe. The clever carrying handle means that it can also be lifted up onto a table where a number of shoes can be cleaned, even riding boots can be cleaned in this manner.

Dirty shoes are first cleaned by the bristle brush at the centre, polish is applied by the liquid creme dispenser just run a foot under the valve and polish is applied to the shoe and the final polishing is achieved using the pure wool polishing buffers, one for black and one for brown or light coloured shoe


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