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Manufacturers of Shoe Polishing Machines. Machines a nettoyer les chaussures. Maschinen zum putzen ihrer schuhe

greenbt.gif (214 bytes) BOOT & SHOE CLEANER

INDUSTRIAL BOOT & SHOE CLEANING. Machines to clean soles welts & tops of footwear, suitable for Clean room, Hygeine, Sterile Areas.

Shoeshine Boot Cleaner Stop dirt being trampled into your building. This machine will remove all contamination from the soles of shoes and workmen's boots. It cleans tops, soles, sides, and welts effectively and the large collection box can be easily emptied.

It is suitable for use in clean rooms, building sites, Coal Mines, Power Stations, Golf Clubs, Bakeries, food factories, and can remove all debris from boots and shoes.

Grass, mud, cement, flour, chocolate, dust, and chemicals.

These machines are especially suited for clean room applications where there is a need to prevent dust dirt being trampled into a protected area. Used in conjunction with tacky mats the machine will remove the larger particles from the soles of the shoe leaving the tacky mat with an extended life.

Dirty Boots Soles clogged with mud Boot cleaner Nylon Brushes Boot shoe cleaning Clean Soles

Dirty Boots

Soles Clarted in mud

Nylon Brushes ready to go

Boot cleaning in progress

Clean Soles

  1. Hard Wearing Nylon Bristle Brush
  2. Horsehair Bristle Brush cleans heels and welts.
  3. Soft Horsehair Brush cleans upper surfaces
  4. n/a
  5. Large Collection Bin
  6. Operating/support handle automatically switches off.
  • Motor has an automatic overload cut out.
  • Standard 1/2 H.P Motor
  • 240V or 110V 50 Hz
  • Protected Belt Drive
  • On/Off switch incorporated in Support Handle.
  • Machine cannot be left running.

Also available INDUSTRIAL BOOT WASHER  for washing Wellington Boots made in stainless steel Electrical or Pneumatic

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