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Manufacturers of Shoe Polishing Machines. Machines a nettoyer les chaussures. Maschinen zum putzen ihrer schuhe

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INDUSTRIAL BOOT WASHER. Machines to wash soles welts & tops of Wellington Boots. Suitable for entry to Food Production areas, Hygeine critical situations, Sterile Areas.

Wellie Washer Logo The machine for cleaning your wellies. A simple to use washer. No necessity to remove boots before cleaning, place your foot into the machine, pull the handle and water is squirted across the revolving brushes. The Mud/Dirt/Debris is removed and washed away. The boots can be effectively cleaned underneath/soles sides, welts, and the top revolving brush will remove contamination from the front/uppers.

It is suitable for use in food processing establishments where hygeine is essential, also pharmaceutical applications, and chemical plants.

flour, chocolate, chemicals, fats can all be removed.

The machine is manufactured from stainless steel so it will not rust. The two sets of brushes are made from nylon which is long lasting and impermeable to water. within the powerful motor is incorporated a safety cut out device

Depth 990mm. Width: 585mm Height: 595mm. Weight 37Kg

Stainless Steel Bootwasher scrubber

The handle is provided to support the user during the 'one legged operation' The machine is controlled by a safety switch incorporated in the handle. Just grip the bar to start the machine and release to stop it. The machine cannot then be left running. The revolving brushes remove the debris into the machine where it is washed away by the water which in turn can be piped away to a drain. The jets of water are powered from the mains water pressure and a 1/2 H.P.motor connected to an electric supply drives the brushes.

  • Motor has an automatic overload cut out.

  • Standard 1/2 H.P Motor
  • 240V or 110V 50 Hz
  • Protected Belt Drive
  • On/Off switch incorporated in Support Handle.
  • Machine cannot be left running.

Also available Boot / Shoe Cleaner for cleaning workmens boots.

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