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Shoe Polishers for Hotels
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greenbt.gif (214 bytes) Hotels in the Uk are equipped to a high standard which is reflected in their star ratings. One of the facilities required to qualify for a three star rating is the provision of a shoe cleaning facility. Below are two machines that will fullfill that requirement.

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greenbt.gif (214 bytes)Wall Mounted Polisher
   (pictured left)

The wall mounted polisher has a GRP plastic finish which is very strong and will not rust. It is suitable for washroom/cloakroom areas. Various colours are available it is stocked in White, Grey, Cream and dark Brown.
wmtd2.jpg (33932 bytes) greenbt.gif (214 bytes)Slimline Polisher
   (pictured right)

The Slimline Polisher is a free standing unit in a wooden cabinet. The finishes available are Teak, Light Oak, and Sapele. There is also a choice of automatic or manual polish application.

greenbt.gif (214 bytes)Automatic Polish. Tablets of polish are pre loaded into the machine. They then run on the brush immpregnating it with polish both black and brown. After initially cleaning the shoe the user then places it to the brush where the polish is applied. The shoe is then buffed on the outside buffer, to give the shine.

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