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machines to shine shoes
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Bootscraper complete with Brushes Schuhkratzer Komplett mit Bursten. Decrottoir Complet avec brosses. Choenschraper Kompleet met borstels

Remember the old days? When there was always a scraper at the door, well we still make them so now you have no excuse. This basic scraper mat will allow you to scrape the mud from your shoes. 

    greenbt.gif (214 bytes) Shooshyne Scraper Mat 
  • Galvanised steel Grill
  • Rustproof
  • Measures 500mm x 330mm  x 20mm ie 20" x 13"

                    21.00  inc  Vat Delivered UK mainland       


     greenbt.gif (214 bytes)Shooshyne Scraper Mat with Brushes

Also has two brushes so that the sides and welts of the boots/shoes can be   cleaned.
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  • Galvanised steel
  • Rustproof
  • Bristle Brushes
  • Measures 610mm x 310mm x 90mm

Walking shoes Football Boots, Golf shoes still covered in mud?

Scrape them, brush them, clean them!

  31.00 inc VAT Delivered UK. mainland 

                                                                                                               greenbt.gif (214 bytes) Shooshyne Boot/shoe scraper Mat, 3 Brush


  • Black Powder coated Grille

  • Brushes to clean soles and sides

  • Brushes angled for comfort

  • Solid Heavy duty scraper.

  • Grille 600mm x 600mm


Can be left out in all weathers.

Ideal For:-

  • Schools

  • Football Clubs

  • Golf Clubs

  • Rugby Clubs

  • Stables

  • Farms

  • Factories

                 75.00 inc vat Delivered Uk Mainland

    Available for immediate delivery

greenbt.gif (214 bytes)Stiff Nylon brushes for longer life.

The grille will clean boots/shoes. The brushes clean the sides and sole at the same time. Even with studs on the soles, the brushes are arranged to scrub the whole boot and remove mud, grass, snow trapped within the studs. Base acts as a mud scraper and is capable of withstanding the most evil weather.

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