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Bootscraper complete with Brushes Schuhkratzer Komplett mit Bursten. Decrottoir Complet avec brosses. Choenschraper Kompleet met borstels


No 4 Beeline semi spherical brush with scraper bar

Beeline a semi-spherical brush with a scraper bar mounted on the handle Height 3ft 3"...

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 Original boot/shoe scraper

Double scraper with metal scraper to base one side and brushes to the other, then brushes to sides.


Base 20" x 9" x 6" Height 3 3"

Double size scraper with easier access for boots, metal grill to the base on one side and a good stiff brush at the other. Then brushes to the sides. BASE 20" x 9" x 6" Height 3ft 3"

PRICEDelivered UK Mainland   

Heavy duty shoe scraper

BOOT/SHOE scraper with Powder Coated Frame and brush across the base. Two additional Side brushes form upturned "T" shape to remove dirt from welts and soles suitable for studded football boots, golf shoes. Additional scraper above brushes to remove trapped dirt from instep.

brush mounting provides scraper (not visible)

Width 18" Depth 10" x 18 Height 40.5"

460 mm x 255mm x1003mm

PRICE Delivered  UK Mainland   

in stock colour GREEN not this BLUEY green

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